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Why its name is Scribes?

The professional scribe was an important figure in the some aspects of the administration of old Egypt. When an illiterate person needed to write or to read a document, was seen obliged to pay the service of a scribe. Scribes had to learn more than 700 hieroglyphic signs-some representing ideas and objects; others representing sounds. Because the language was so complex, young attend school for years to become adept at writing and reading. The Scribes was carrying a wooden palette with brushes and reed pens and a roll of papyrus under his arm. The palettes were used as writing boards which were equipped with a slot to hold pens. Scribes wrote in two primary colors--black and red-for most records.Palettes was normally done with a wooden rectangular piece. Its dimensions could vary between 20 and 43 centimeters in the length, between five and eight centimeters in the width and between one and five centimeters in the thickness. In one of the extremities it had two or, to the times, some sockets to contain the inks in the solid form. When writing the professional mixed water to the folder of the pigment, as they make the children of today with its watercolors.

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